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Everything you need to know about Saltwater Chlorine Generators.

Chemicals that dry and bleach hair, redden and burn eyes, dry skin and smell are obviously not natural, but toxic. Health problems caused from a chlorine pool are another great reason to allow Aqua Wizard Pool Service to reduce the amount of chlorine used.

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How Salt Water Pools Work

Saltwater swimming pools are a proven way to create a healthy pool for your whole family. A salt system, also known as a chlorine generator, creates pure chlorine by electrolysis to sanitize your pool. It uses the salt molecules in your water to do this. A small electric charge is applied across a set of titanium plates inside the Electrolytic Cell which produces Sodium Hypochlorite.

In water, Sodium Hypochlorite dissociates into sodium and hypochlorite ions. It is the hypochlorite ions that form with the hydrogen ions from the water to form hypochlorous acid which is the active agent that destroys bacteria and algae and oxidizes organic matter. This form of chlorine works quickly in the pipe, leaving only a mild residual in the pool. Furthermore, the Electrolytic Cell continuously "shocks" the incoming water: burning off any oils, or organic matter.

Advantage of Salt Water Pools

  • Salt Water Pools contain a pure chlorine-based sanitizer
  • Chloramines that cause irritation are reduced
  • Electrolysis has a softening effect because of dissolved alkali minerals
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